New Year, New staff!
Cheryl and Jessica celebrating youth
Jamie Graves, Board Member Extraordinaire
We still miss Ellie Winkleman, former Intern, current soccer star and college student
Aja’s Wright (Board member and Magical teacher) and her husband are concentrating on youth topics
A Rayonier Excursion
Cindy Jasper! Look for her representing GHYW!
George Lee, a mentor opportunity in Ocean Shores
Lake Quinault Students live in the forest and still find Careers in Natural Resources interesting
Careers in Natural Resources- 5 schools from Grays Harbor County
We evaluate our interns
In evaluations between mentor and intern- the mentor tends to give way higher scores than the intern.
Representing Wishkah Valley Schools at one of our CNR excursions
We have whatever career option you want to explore, some may take more time to find a mentor than others- but we keep looking, because YOUR voice matters most to us
Jessica loves giving gifts to interns!
One of our favorite Interns, Lupita

“Our mission is to provide career connected learning experiences to all youth throughout Grays Harbor and surrounding communities that support credential attainment and livable wage employment.”

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