Pat yourself on the back for taking a huge, amazing step towards your future!

Here are some fun resources to help you learn more about yourself, your skills and talents, and what you want to do after you graduate high school. And you can always contact us to help you with your GHYW Internship application materials, or to discover your future path!

Career Quizzes

Looking for a job that fits your interests and skills? Career Wise Career Cluster Survey.  

What about a long term career?  Washington State Career Quiz.

Interested in something in the medical field? Med Certs Healthcare Career Quiz

What is your STEM Type? Take this Quiz to find out:  STEM Type Quiz

StudyInternational Creative Arts Quiz can help you you discover what kind of creative arts job or college arts major you’d like to pursue.

Ever wonder what type of lawyer you would be? Take the American Bar Association Law Career Quiz and find out!

Job Resources

Time to look for a job? Check out some of these websites! (*TIP* it helps to filter your search options in order to find positions that better fit what you are looking for):

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to land your first job (

WorkSource Washington is probably the best free resource for building a resume and a cover letter, for looking for jobs, and for learning how to network, build a career and flourish as a new employee. You can create a profile that employers can view. It’s free! (Grays Harbor)

Government Jobs in Grays Harbor (Grays Harbor) (Grays Harbor)

You Have Options!

– Perhaps you might be interested in joining the Military, JobCorps, AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps!

Volunteering for local nonprofits like Grays Harbor Youth Works, the United Way or the Habitat for Humanity is a great way to gain experience, hone your skills and build your resume! Check out this article on the Top Ten Volunteer Opportunities in Grays Harbor, HERE!

Thinking About College?

– Should you go to college? If so where? What type of school do you want to study at, a large school or a small one? Do you want to study out of state or in a different country? How will you pay for college? Is College right for you, or will you attend school after the working for a few years?

– CollegeBoard offers a number of resources including a search guide.

– Looking for affordable colleges? College Affordability Guide analyses over 7,000 colleges and ranks them by affordability and quality.

…How am I going to pay for it? Check this out.

– There are tons of scholarships and grants for college, many of which go unused. A simple Google Search on College Scholarships will help you get started. Yet this site is a great place to start: 

Washington State Colleges & Universities

Grays Harbor Community College

 The Evergreen State College

University of Washington

Western Washington University

Eastern Washington University

Washington State University

– Google or Bing search the keywords “Private Colleges in Washington Statefor a list of Private Colleges and Universities in our state!

– Best Nonprofit and/or Online Colleges in Washington State:  Nonprofit Colleges Online

Tips on Drafting Resume and Applications 

Applications and resumes aren’t that scary but they do require a little planning, time and editing.

For resumes, check out the Princeton Review website.

Ready to start filling out that job application? This could help.

College applications? This should help.