The Benefits

By a Mother whose Son interned with Grays Harbor Youth Works in the Arc of Grays Harbor 2020 Summer Internship Program

“The benefits that ‘Tav’ gained from this experience are far reaching. Tav has always been eager to please but has lacked in self confidence, I have seen a confidence in him begin to grow that I feared he would never have. Having gained a more positive self image of himself through the program has enabled him to believe in himself, which is something many have a difficult time doing. Tav is thriving on the possibilities of life that your caring staff has opened up to him. Tav looks forward to his interactions and learning with every opportunity that is provided, I no longer have to nudge him to participate or speak in a group situation. He has always been  outgoing and friendly on an individual basis but never in a group situation. Of everything he has learned from this experience I believe the strongest impact has been on his social and emotional learning and well being. As a family we could never thank the staff enough for opening up this seed that was so deeply hidden in my child.”