My name is Lena Eyen and I am honored to join the Youth Works team as it enters its fifth year in the Grays Harbor community. As a JVC Northwest/AmeriCorps volunteer, I look forward to working with our new and former community partners in order to expand the number and breadth of opportunities available for students. Youth Works’ mission, to engage high school students in opportunities that may lead them to post-secondary pursuits and livable wage employment, has seen tremendous growth since its founding in 2013. I am excited to continue facilitating these experiences for our hard-working students and hope to reflect the genuine kindness and generosity that has been offered to me during my short time so far in the Grays Harbor community.

In the spring, I graduated from Santa Clara University near San Jose, CA with a double major in Psychology and Art and a minor in Environmental Studies. I have lived in a number of different cities including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, and Milwaukee, and am excited to experience and learn more about the Grays Harbor region. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, finding dogs to pet, and (finally) reading Harry Potter for the first time through.